Have you ever wanted to hear Beauty and the Beast theme music when receiving a call or a text message on your cellphone? Then you are in luck! There are seven file formats available for each ringtone below, and a Flash preview of each song if you're curious what each one sounds like. Click the play button to begin.

To download any song, click the file format of your choice.

I am sorry, I don't own every single make and model of cellphone out there. I will probably not be able to help you transfer an audio file to your cellphone, or know which file will work, or be able to troubleshoot any issues. You may search for answers through Google.


  Theme Song Version 1.
mp3 (434kb)   m4r (892kb)   ogg (481kb)   m4a (892kb)   3gp (30kb)   amr (28kb)   mmf (109kb)   

  Theme Song Version 2.
mp3 (234kb)   m4r (244kb)   ogg (135kb)   m4a (244kb)   3gp (17kb)   amr (15kb)   mmf (59kb)   

  Theme Song Version 3.
mp3 (262kb)   m4r (555kb)   ogg (329kb)   m4a (555kb)   3gp (19kb)   amr (17kb)   mmf (66kb)   

  Theme Song Version 4.
mp3 (266kb)   m4r (552kb)   ogg (329kb)   m4a (552kb)   3gp (19kb)   amr (17kb)   mmf (67kb)   

  Theme Song Version 5.
mp3 (436kb)   m4r (906kb)   ogg (446kb)   m4a (906kb)   3gp (30kb)   amr (28kb)   mmf (109kb)   

  Tapping Version 6.
mp3 (76kb)   m4r (107kb)   ogg (64kb)   m4a (107kb)   3gp (6kb)   amr (5kb)   mmf (17kb)