Screenshot of the title screen for Deranged Vincent  Screenshot of an example of gameplay for Deranged Vincent

Download here. (4MB, Windows, zipped)

What is the meaning of this game?
I really don't know. I blame it on the glow of Winterfest. It's one of the most bizarre, deranged things I've ever made.

What is this game about?
This is a simply coded, badly drawn, very strange first-person driving simulator. It features Vincent, a fictional character from the television show Beauty and the Beast, an obscure show from the 80s. In this game, he's in the driver's seat of some domestic car sedan, driving around different areas, eating fish and berries, and looking for a tunnel to dive into for the winter.

What is Vincent doing, driving a car?
Why not? Create your own reason for why he's there. Perhaps he's having a nightmare. Perhaps he senses Catherine in danger, and instead of running through the tunnels, he runs to the surface, finds an unlocked vehicle, hops inside, and attempts to rescue her more quickly. Maybe this is young Vincent, joy-riding. Your guess is as good as mine.

Why is he eating fish and berries?
I originally intended for him to noisily slurp cups of tea, and nom ravagingly upon books. Perhaps I still will. For now, I can't be arsed.

I didn't know Vincent hibernated.
Hush, you. Actually, this game is based on another game, in which a generic bear is driving a car. The game looked so ridiculous and absurd to me, that it amused me immediately. (Here's video of someone actually playing the original game. Silly, eh?) Why am I sharing that? Because apparently, you can edit the graphics and the sounds, but not the gameplay. It's not meant to be customized but that didn't stop me. So, while Vincent doesn't in fact hibernate, bears do, and because the game won't let me change the text, there was only so much I could do to "tunnelize" this goofy thing.

I'm concerned about viruses. Does this zipped file contain any bad things?
If you've downloaded this game from, then you can be assured there is no bad stuff in this game. Playing this game won't blow up your computer. Though you must download it to play.

How do I download and play this game?
Glad you asked! This is a zipped file. It requires an unzipping utility like Winzip to open the file, and grab the goodies inside. Telling you how to unzip a file is outside the scope of this website, however, it is fairly simple and you can learn from most anyone how to do it. Download the game to your desktop, open it with your favorite unzipping utility, grab the folder and place it wherever you like, double-click the DerangedVincent folder, and double-click once more on the file Vincent.exe. Gameplay is explained a little better in the readme.txt file included with the game.