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"It is a special time for us. We have other celebrations, all the holidays and traditions we share with your world, but Winterfest is our own. A time to remember the past, dream of the future." - Vincent, in "Dead of Winter"

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Sometime during the year of 2004, a small group of Beauty and the Beast fans decided they'd like to create an "online convention" of sorts, as internet use amongst fans seemed to be on the increase, and they sensed it would be a welcome pitstop on the countdown towards the usual July convention held in some major United States city each year. The original premise was based upon Vincent's birthday, a special day that was never discussed in the series, but oft speculated among fans as occurring sometime between mid-December and mid-January. They called it Winterfest.

Since then, this new tradition has quickly become a major event in its own right, an original fan-made idea that has morphed into a collaboration between fans of all ages, cultures, countries, and talents. Major and minor artists alike create works of fiction, visual art, and other "treasures" specifically for this celebration. It's a way to bring attention to the obscure television series, to bring in new fans who have only just started watching the series, and those who have seen it broadcast on cable sometime in the past, and thought enough of it to come across mention of it online.

Most recently, it seems to gravitate towards Valentine's Day and February 14th, celebrating the idea of love rather than the principle character Vincent's origins. Though the event is held at varying times between mid-December and February, Winterfest Online is a unique, popular destination for fans old and new. It captures the essence of what it means to be a fan of this show, and to communicate with other fans, and bring one's unique gifts to the celebration, so that all may partake.

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