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Winterfest 2006 was the first year that I attended this online convention. I participated in the treasure hunt by creating a rather easy, one-page puzzle, I ended up recording a lot of the works in the painted tunnels, and just before the talent show, some were lamenting that their computers were not functioning, or that they had to go to work or perform some other function away from the computer and could not attend. I offered to record the performances, and thusly set up a yearly contribution to make sure that everyone could enjoy the festivities, whether they could attend live or not.


Painted Tunnel: "painted" images recorded in .wmv format, along with a final painting in .jpg format.

Talent Show: individual performances in mp3 format, and texts for each performance where available.

Treasure Hunt: a very simplistic, single-page logic puzzle, my contribution to that year's treasure hunt.

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