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Each image below is linked to a video file in .wmv format. They represent drawings made by various fans who participated in the activity during Winterfest 2006.

Multiple, "Self-Portraits"

Beth, "Trying This"

Chan, "Drawing 1"

Chan, "Drawing 2"

Chan, "Drawing 3"

Clare S, "Vincent"

Cosi, "First Try"

Cosi, "Not an Artist"

Eva, "Sharing the Light"

Eva, "Thinking of You"

Gin, "Chatroom Silliness" (Vincent with static-y hat hair)

Gin, "I Think It Was"

Gin, "Kissy"

Gin, "Vincent Sketch"

Gin, "Welcome Home"

Kindra, "Winterfest Candles"

Ladifrog, "Candle"

Lizzie, "Candle and Rose"

Lizzie, "Child Candlemaker"

Lizzie, "Quiet Moment"

Lizzie, "Uninvited Guest"

Lizzie, "Winterfest Glow"

Marly's Lisa, "Rose"

Patricia, "Happy Winterfest"

Patricia, "Reverie"

PM, "Cake"

PM, "Carousel Horse"

PM, "Early Morning"

PM, "Familiar Image"

PM, "Late Afternoon"

PM, "Nostalgia"

PM, "Waltz"

Rachel, "First Time"

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